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Don Chaput is President, Director and Videographer for Angel Communications.


For over three decades, Don has worked as a freelance Videographer, cinematographer, director, producer, and editor. He has completed over 150 film and video projects for Canadian and international clients, including governments, school boards, research foundations, television stations, and private-sector companies. He has held long term contract positions as a videographer and cinematographer with the CBC in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, and with CFQC TV in Saskatoon, where he was responsible for news, sports, filming and editing.

Over the years, Don freelanced for the CBC, CTV, BBC, NBC, TSN, PBS, Vision, TV, Access Television, Global Network, Entertainment Tonight, Canadian Airlines, Department of National Defense, MacMillan Bloedel, Crown Forest, Health Canada, Secretary of State – Government on Canada, Environment, Lands & Parks BC, Australian Film commission, British Government, Saudi Arabia, Home and Garden TV, Discovery Channel, Fuji, Toshiba, Sony of Japan, Volkswagen of Germany, Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Communications BC, BC Premier Glen Clarke and Steven Spielberg.

Don completed a contract as a Videographer for Steven Spielberg's project, Survivors of the Shoah, recording the personal testimony of individuals who lived through the Nazi regime in Europe.

Director of Photography on a TV series “Spirit Creations” for the APTN
Network 2006 Several Half hour Video Documentaries dealing with Native Clothing Designers of BC
CBC the Fifth Estate
Don studied Fine Art at the Vancouver School of Art, the Banff School of Fine Art.